Posted on May 18th, 2012 ยท Posted in Office Market

In the evolution of office space, traditional workspaces gave way to executive suites / serviced offices which then led to the development of co-working / shared space. The latest iteration from WeWork Labs mixes the single person element of a co-working space with elements of a business incubator to form a hybrid space for late night brainstorms and functional creativity.

For just $300/month tech professionals, freelancers and visionaries get 24/7 access to workspace, meeting areas, and a game lounge in an environment whose goal is to inspire conversations, ideas and ultimately bring the pieces together so that “residents” can then launch and graduate to a more traditional, dedicated space. WeWork Labs already has a similar center in New York that has become so successful that they now offer health insurance.

It’s always interesting to see how entrepreneurs interpret office space and hopefully this concept works well enough that it adds even more great companies to San Francisco’s growing tech scene.

If you’re part of a growing tech company looking to exit co-working / incubator space, contact us today and we can help locate the right space for your business.