SF Commercial Real Estate Services.

When your business engages with Synergy Real Estate Group, you receive a full service commercial real estate department dedicated to helping you achieve your objectives and working as your advocate during the lease / purchase process. Our tenant representation services are provided at no cost to clients because we only get compensated by landlords when a commercial transaction is completed.

Synergy’s goal is to exceed your company’s expectations and develop a long-term business relationship so that down the road when your company is consider expanding, renegotiating or relocating, you’ll remember who to call. Our agents often work late and on weekends because we’re willing to do whatever it takes to earn your trust.

Our commercial real estate services cover the entire lease cycle:

  • Searching through every property in San Francisco to find spaces that meet your needs
  • If you’re renegotiating a lease, we’ll use that market data to your advantage and build a business case
  • Touring properties and providing feedback during the decision making process
  • If you’re considering leasing / purchasing a space we can analyze the cost effectiveness of both solutions
  • Once a property or properties are selected, creating a competitive business environment for your tenancy to gain concessions

San Francisco is a large and highly competitive commercial market and your business needs a firm that knows the market and has years of experience closing commercial transactions. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help your business grow.